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A Smart Way to Self-promote

A great way for businesses that have time on their hands and a hole in their wallets is to offer “Freebies” as explained by this article from InspiredMag.

After all “Who doesn’t love a nice bunch of freebies?” asks the author. From the business owner’s mind, we might ask why work for free or give things away? After all, isn’t  part of business to sell a service or product for a profit? Confused?

The trend in a lot of design companies that seems to be today’s philosophy; give away some part of your work for free and tell people around the internet to share it. Someone will like it, definitely, and maybe that leads to an interesting or big project.



Be aware of of your target audience “Client” and cater a product or service that they would value and appreciate whether it is offered for free or for a fee.

The freebies you will produce and distribute will be the same type and quality as your usual work. This is how you can gain more exposure than using a regular portfolio in such a competitive field!

Bring your “A” game. There is no point in distributing a free and under-performing service or product. People will notice the lack of detail and quality and will assume that that is what they get when they pay money for the service or product.

Brand the freebies

Make sure you include your logo and your website in the preview image and maybe even a text disclaimer with the conditions of use or some information about the files or yourself (just don’t overdo it).

Distribute them!

As much as possible, we might add. Research all your possibilities from big platforms to any blog your might think of. And since you start doing that, take the time to spy on what others distribute as promotional freebies too!

Where could someone start sending their freebies to get known? There are several ways, but the most obvious would be to Google about sites offering freebies.